Thursday February 5, 2015

Thursday February 5, 2015

Hi Friends. Bless you all once again in Jesus Precious Name.
Time seems to be flying by, it has been three months since I sent out an update. The last one was when we returned from Jamaica.
In December we, Don & I went to Brantford to New City Church and did a Leadership Training Seminar for Pastor Jeffery from the Philippines as he was returning to his ministry in the Philippines in January. One of the men (Tom) that took the training took over the group on Thursday evenings when Pastor Jeffery left.  He has since started a new group on Tuesday mornings for those that can’t make it in the evening. God bless you Tom.
We offer our thanks and gratitude and blessing to those who helped out with the Christmas Gift Wrap at V&S. It was a slow time this year but I think it was like that for most people. We were able to raise $415.95.
Thank you to those who wrapped and to the customers who had our team wrap your gifts for you.
Christmas was an interesting day in that we woke up to no power and no water. We decided to go out to Pinestone  Resort for breakfast. As we were heading out our door to Pinestone I prayed “Father  please protect the food in the freezer and the fridge in Jesus Name. Amen.
When we returned after breakfast Don went down the hall to see what was happening as half the building had power and half didn’t. Don spoke to the man that was checking on the water and the man told him the building was on a two phase system and we should have at least two plugs in our apartment working. Don came back excited and started to check the plugs. Sure enough we had two plugs working and guess which two, that’s right PRAISE THE LORD it was the fridge and freezer. See God cares about the small things and He did say bring everything to Him in prayer. Thank you Lord.
We then went and had Christmas dinner at McKecks  Restaurant, they put on a free Christmas dinner. And bless Don’s heart, when we came home he ran an extension cord to the TV so we could watch TV. I believe the power was out for about 17 hours. The amazing thing was we were not complaining. YEA GOD!
In January we went to London where Pastor Dan from the Ark Aid Street Mission was having another graduation. This one was held at a Chinese Buffet Restaurant. Dan was becoming a program director and 4 of the ladies from his groups were becoming Certified Instructors and some were graduating and Dan made certificates for those who took the Overcomers program a second time around. you are doing a wonderful job for the Lord Dan. God bless you.
We also held a Leadership Training Seminar in Haliburton on Jan. 30-31. I am looking forward to see what God will do in Haliburton. His anointing is on this. To God be the Glory.
February 2nd was a great day. First of all it was 18 years ago to the day that Don asked me to marry him.
It was also my granddaughters 18th birthday. Pray that one day I will get to meet her.
Secondly we acquired the Canadian rights to print and distribute the Overcomers book “A Daily Choice” here in Canada. If anyone is interested in starting an Overcomers group in Canada please contact me at the number or address below.
Thirdly it was our first day at Beaver Creek Minimum we had 15 men sign up at the Overcomers introduction. We then went over to Beaver Creek Medium and did another group at 5:30 PM and had 32 guys.We will be doing this weekly as long as God anoints us.  We stayed in Bracebridge overnight. It was a wonderful day in the Lord.  Tuesday and Wednesday we had to lay low and rest a while as we were both feeling under the weather.

A special thank you and God bless you to Charles and Sharon Burton the Founders of Overcomers and to David and Dorothea Shields for all their help in making it  a possibility for Overcomers to grow in Canada and Jamaica.

May God bless all those who have supported the work of the Lord, many lives are being changed because of your kindness.

Judith McKay

See you here, there or in the air,

Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God”

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