April 18, 2017 update
Greetings my Friends in the Name of our Precious Lord  and Savior Jesus Christ
Our God is an awesome God. Amen!

Since my last update Jamaica Mission 2017 much has happened. Some of you know but most do not. On Feb, 27 I had vascular surgery and had three stints put in so I would have more circulation in my legs. Praise God I went home from the Hamilton General hospital on Tuesday Feb. 28 and I could actually walk with my walker without pain in my legs.  March 4, I ended up in Brantford hospital  with high blood pressure and remained there until March 23. I was in hospital for Don’s and my 20th wedding Anniversary, but he was with me. Someone sent me a beautiful flower arrangement as a get well gesture and it arrived on our anniversary, how wonderful that was. I got out of hospital the next day.

I had so many tests and was in bed of three week less a day. I was so shaky from the multiple medications and treatments and I left the hospital worse than I was when I went in but the time I was in there I spent sleeping and praying. Don was there daily except when he went to the prison or bank for me. I  thank the visitors and I also  thank our prison team and Overcomers teams for continuing on while I was out of commission. Everyone told Don not to bring my work to the hospital and He didn’t except for me to write a check to pay ministry bills.

I have had to go to the doctors weekly and have more tests to help get things under control and this is the second week that I don’t have to have medication changed. Yea God.

Thank you Don, Tom, Charlie, Kathy, Marietta and your helpers. You are servants of the most High God. Great is your reward.

I went to the prison last week on April 10 for the first time since before Jamaica they had all been praying for me and were happy to see me. There have been 16 graduations, 16  new students and two transfers since Feb. 27. YEA GOD! We will be going up again April 24, God willing.

In Faith we have booked tickets to go to New Brunswick June 6-20.  Conference June 6 -7 , Moncton, NB. June 12-15  to visit the Overcomers leaders and present certificates for graduates also St. Stephen and possibly  Nova Scotia. This is all God willing and with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We can do absolutely nothing by ourselves but WITH GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! AMEN AND AMEN!!!!

When you get knocked down get up and keep getting up, no matter what your situation GOD will anoint and empower you to do what He has called you to do and send you help. Even when you are down you are anointed to pray for others and thank God for the rest.

Commit you way to the Lord and He will direct your path. Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up.

The Lord Bless You and Keep You and Make His Face to Shine Upon You and Give You Peace.

See you here, there or in the air.

Judith McKay




Feb. 25, 2017

Greetings everyone in the Precious Name of Jesus

This is the report of our trip report I pray it is OK.  I  had a procedure at the hospital today and a doctors appointment this afternoon and I am going for vascular surgery this Monday, I have to be at the hospital at 6 am. Prayers are appreciated. Thank you.
Don & I  arrived home Feb. 23, 2017 at The team members Val, John and Pauline had a nail biting drive home in dense fog but by the grace of God everyone got home safely.
I didn’t have time to send an email while I was away as the trip was pretty full.
We arrive Monday Feb. 13, Don’s and my phones had expired so we had no way to contact our driver, one of the men at the airport let us use his phone.and we  got in touch with our driver and got the bus to the apartments. We stopped on the way for supper and then to pick up groceries. When we arrived Val and John and Pauline got there apartments. Someone was to meet us at our but never showed up until 2 1/2 hours later after our driver thank God made many calls. The lady thought we were coming in the next day.
Anyway all worked out well Praise the Lord.
The next day we went shopping to buy men’s  underwear for the St. Catherine’s district prison, we purchase 80 to go along with what was brought by the team. We also get new sim cards for our phones.
Wednesday we went to Richmond Farm Medium prison for men, however Pauline did not come with us a she got ill from something she ate the night before and could not join us. It was a wonderful time but would have been better with Pauline there. The Superintendent gave us a bag of coconuts to take with us and had a guard with one of the inmates and a machete  come out of the jail and cut some open for us to enjoy on our way and we had some to take back to our apartment with us.
-Thursday we went to St. Catherine’s Maximum prison for men in the morning and Fort Augusta Prison for women in the afternoon.
-Friday the team had the day off to enjoy the pool and Don and I went to buy underwear for the Boys at Hill Top boys Jail. We purchases 40 to go with the 30 that the team brought with them.
-Saturday we had a fellowship dinner with some of the locals and celebrated Don’s 65 th  birthday.
-Sunday we went to church.
-Monday we went to the Overcomers graduation and 26 people graduated and one became a certified instructor and another became a program director. We know have 4 Program directors on the Island and 9 Certified Instructors, Praise the Lord.
-Tuesday We went to Hill Top Boys jail , then the prison team and the drivers went for a lunch at Sharkies. In 17 years of going back and forth to Jamaica Don and I had never been to or heard of Sharkies, everyone enjoyed the food and the fellowship. When we returned back to the apartment Don and I went to the grocery store and met Pastor Maxo and his family to purchase food for the school. There are 40 children at the school and if they don’t get that one meal a day at school a lot of them don’t eat. We bought $500.00 Canadian worth of food. 200 pounds of rice, 100 pounds of Chicken parts, 100 pounds of peas, some chicken spice, pasta & sauce fruit drink and oil. Praise the Lord and again thank you for the donations of funds to be able to purchase this.
We flew home Wednesday.
As a team we were able to distribute all that was brought & bought by the team, tooth brushes and tooth paste, underwear, glasses, Satisfy the Hunger books, Challenge Newspapers, tracts, shampoo, cream rinse and lotions., Bibles, magazines, tracts etc.
Thank you everyone who donated these articles.
Richmond Farm Men’s Prison
Team inside of St. Catherine’s Mens Maximum Prison
Our transportation
Shopping for food for school children

Val with guards at Hilll Top Boys Jail.

Don Blowing out 65 birthday candles

Don’s 65 B’ day
St. Catherine’s Men’s Maximum Prison
Fort August Women’s Prison
Overcomers Grads.
26 Grads, 1 Certified Instructor, & 1 Program Director
Val John and Pauline singing at Graduation, like they did also at the prisons
Don and I receiving gift of appreciation for bringing Overcomers to Jamaica.
There are many more pictures but I think you get the idea.
God bless you all for your prayers and thank you to those whose support made it possible to accomplish all that was done and the people that were ministered to.
See you here, there or in the air.