April 18, 2017 update
Greetings my Friends in the Name of our Precious Lord  and Savior Jesus Christ
Our God is an awesome God. Amen!

Since my last update Jamaica Mission 2017 much has happened. Some of you know but most do not. On Feb, 27 I had vascular surgery and had three stints put in so I would have more circulation in my legs. Praise God I went home from the Hamilton General hospital on Tuesday Feb. 28 and I could actually walk with my walker without pain in my legs.  March 4, I ended up in Brantford hospital  with high blood pressure and remained there until March 23. I was in hospital for Don’s and my 20th wedding Anniversary, but he was with me. Someone sent me a beautiful flower arrangement as a get well gesture and it arrived on our anniversary, how wonderful that was. I got out of hospital the next day.

I had so many tests and was in bed of three week less a day. I was so shaky from the multiple medications and treatments and I left the hospital worse than I was when I went in but the time I was in there I spent sleeping and praying. Don was there daily except when he went to the prison or bank for me. I  thank the visitors and I also  thank our prison team and Overcomers teams for continuing on while I was out of commission. Everyone told Don not to bring my work to the hospital and He didn’t except for me to write a check to pay ministry bills.

I have had to go to the doctors weekly and have more tests to help get things under control and this is the second week that I don’t have to have medication changed. Yea God.

Thank you Don, Tom, Charlie, Kathy, Marietta and your helpers. You are servants of the most High God. Great is your reward.

I went to the prison last week on April 10 for the first time since before Jamaica they had all been praying for me and were happy to see me. There have been 16 graduations, 16  new students and two transfers since Feb. 27. YEA GOD! We will be going up again April 24, God willing.

In Faith we have booked tickets to go to New Brunswick June 6-20.  Conference June 6 -7 , Moncton, NB. June 12-15  to visit the Overcomers leaders and present certificates for graduates also St. Stephen and possibly  Nova Scotia. This is all God willing and with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We can do absolutely nothing by ourselves but WITH GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! AMEN AND AMEN!!!!

When you get knocked down get up and keep getting up, no matter what your situation GOD will anoint and empower you to do what He has called you to do and send you help. Even when you are down you are anointed to pray for others and thank God for the rest.

Commit you way to the Lord and He will direct your path. Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up.

The Lord Bless You and Keep You and Make His Face to Shine Upon You and Give You Peace.

See you here, there or in the air.

Judith McKay




  1. Oh Judy I just can’t believe your courage and tenacity. I am happy to hear that you can at least walk better.Congratulations on 20 yrs. And have many more. Harv and I would have been married 49 on April the 5th. Not the same around here with out you guys. Take care Don’t work too hard on your trips…pace yourself OK. Think of you often and I am so glad our paths crossed.hugs Marie

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