Feb. 25, 2017

Greetings everyone in the Precious Name of Jesus

This is the report of our trip report I pray it is OK.  I  had a procedure at the hospital today and a doctors appointment this afternoon and I am going for vascular surgery this Monday, I have to be at the hospital at 6 am. Prayers are appreciated. Thank you.
Don & I  arrived home Feb. 23, 2017 at 11.pm. The team members Val, John and Pauline had a nail biting drive home in dense fog but by the grace of God everyone got home safely.
I didn’t have time to send an email while I was away as the trip was pretty full.
We arrive Monday Feb. 13, Don’s and my phones had expired so we had no way to contact our driver, one of the men at the airport let us use his phone.and we  got in touch with our driver and got the bus to the apartments. We stopped on the way for supper and then to pick up groceries. When we arrived Val and John and Pauline got there apartments. Someone was to meet us at our but never showed up until 2 1/2 hours later after our driver thank God made many calls. The lady thought we were coming in the next day.
Anyway all worked out well Praise the Lord.
The next day we went shopping to buy men’s  underwear for the St. Catherine’s district prison, we purchase 80 to go along with what was brought by the team. We also get new sim cards for our phones.
Wednesday we went to Richmond Farm Medium prison for men, however Pauline did not come with us a she got ill from something she ate the night before and could not join us. It was a wonderful time but would have been better with Pauline there. The Superintendent gave us a bag of coconuts to take with us and had a guard with one of the inmates and a machete  come out of the jail and cut some open for us to enjoy on our way and we had some to take back to our apartment with us.
-Thursday we went to St. Catherine’s Maximum prison for men in the morning and Fort Augusta Prison for women in the afternoon.
-Friday the team had the day off to enjoy the pool and Don and I went to buy underwear for the Boys at Hill Top boys Jail. We purchases 40 to go with the 30 that the team brought with them.
-Saturday we had a fellowship dinner with some of the locals and celebrated Don’s 65 th  birthday.
-Sunday we went to church.
-Monday we went to the Overcomers graduation and 26 people graduated and one became a certified instructor and another became a program director. We know have 4 Program directors on the Island and 9 Certified Instructors, Praise the Lord.
-Tuesday We went to Hill Top Boys jail , then the prison team and the drivers went for a lunch at Sharkies. In 17 years of going back and forth to Jamaica Don and I had never been to or heard of Sharkies, everyone enjoyed the food and the fellowship. When we returned back to the apartment Don and I went to the grocery store and met Pastor Maxo and his family to purchase food for the school. There are 40 children at the school and if they don’t get that one meal a day at school a lot of them don’t eat. We bought $500.00 Canadian worth of food. 200 pounds of rice, 100 pounds of Chicken parts, 100 pounds of peas, some chicken spice, pasta & sauce fruit drink and oil. Praise the Lord and again thank you for the donations of funds to be able to purchase this.
We flew home Wednesday.
As a team we were able to distribute all that was brought & bought by the team, tooth brushes and tooth paste, underwear, glasses, Satisfy the Hunger books, Challenge Newspapers, tracts, shampoo, cream rinse and lotions., Bibles, magazines, tracts etc.
Thank you everyone who donated these articles.
Richmond Farm Men’s Prison
Team inside of St. Catherine’s Mens Maximum Prison
Our transportation
Shopping for food for school children

Val with guards at Hilll Top Boys Jail.

Don Blowing out 65 birthday candles

Don’s 65 B’ day
St. Catherine’s Men’s Maximum Prison
Fort August Women’s Prison
Overcomers Grads.
26 Grads, 1 Certified Instructor, & 1 Program Director
Val John and Pauline singing at Graduation, like they did also at the prisons
Don and I receiving gift of appreciation for bringing Overcomers to Jamaica.
There are many more pictures but I think you get the idea.
God bless you all for your prayers and thank you to those whose support made it possible to accomplish all that was done and the people that were ministered to.
See you here, there or in the air.



January 7, 2017 Update; and Dorchester Prison Overcomers

HI Friends
We pray you all had a good holiday and celebrated Jesus and are ready to trust the Lord in 2017. Stay focused on Him and watch what He is about to do.

* We have been praying daily and continue to PRAY for an Overcomers group to get started at Dorchester Prison in New Brunswick since we were down there in June 2016.

Rev. Brent Bishop will be taking Overcomers into Dorchester Penitentiary in August. 2016. God Bless you Brent.

Rev. Brent Bishop,  Receiving an Overcomer Book from Judy June 2016. God Bless you Brent.


Thanks to Brent Bishop and his team at http://www.prisonchristianministries.com . It started in December. Read Brent’s report below and praise God with us.

* Also since our last report we had 12 more graduates at Beaver Creek on December 19, 2016. John and Pauline joined with us and blessed the guys with Christmas music.

* We arranged a dinner for those alone at Christmas here in Brantford at the local Chinese restaurant, this year there were 17 people and we were all blessed to spend Christmas this way. There was no anxiety it was relaxed and everyone enjoyed each others company.

* Feb. 13, 2017 our mission team leaves for a 9 day mission trip to Jamaica, pray for us all as we go and for strength for me please. I thank God His grace & mercy  is new every morning and great is His Faithfulness.


John & Pauline Cox, Val Jarvis, Don & Judy McKay
Jamaica Mission Team 2017

Thank you each and every one of you.

God bless you all and Happy New Year

See you here, there or in the air
Judith McKay
LUKE 1: 37 “For nothing is impossible with God.”

From: brent@prisonchristianministries.com
Sent: 2017-01-07 10:31:43 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

Today our team of volunteers consisting of Mike, Steve, Bill, Trudy, Sherry, Jim H, and Jim L , & Becka, heads out on a two hour drive from home, with Tony joining us as we near our destination. It is mid December, a time of year some folks would call, “the most wonderful time of the year.” But, for the incarcerated and their families it can be the worst. We feel the Christmas spirit in the air, and are hoping to take some of that into the institution, to bring “good cheer” to the folks

This is a two-visit day starting with an afternoon session, a bible study of sorts. We are on lesson two of the “Overcomers Course”. A Christ-centered 12-Step recovery program, it helps men and women escape the bondage of life controlling issues. Consisting of a daily workbook, plus a video teaching, we present the video and supporting lesson, giving the inmates the opportunity to review their bookwork with the video content. We have a very interested group who have insightful inquiries, and we are able to help and encourage them.

Once the video is completed, we begin discussion. As the instructor looks on, he can see the men are in rapt attention. The room is quiet for such a group, they have settled down, are focused on the course material and taking notes. This is a good thing. They have questions about why they do the things they do. These are important questions, not just for inmates in a penitentiary, nor an addict in a recovery centre, but also for anybody who has a life controlling issue. It is wonderful to see them realize they are finding help with their issues. It brings hope, encouragement, and confidence they can get better. Our time goes by quickly, and as our visit ends, the group is pumped, they’re laughing and shaking our hands. There are even remarks like, “I just love this program, thank you for introducing it to us, this makes us feel good”.

We head out for a much-needed rest, have a bite to eat, and plan for part two of our visit. This evening, we do the Christmas story, a team effort by Bill & Jim, punctuated with beautiful Christmas music by Becka. The music couldn’t be better, and when we finish the men are very contemplative. Next, Mike, our President, gives the Ministry address for Christmas, then turns things over to Tony. We consider him our evangelist, he has a heart for souls. Mike feels to do this, and we are glad he did. Tony’s call goes into action, and when he brings in the net, we see hands going up for salvation, not one soul, but many! A difference has been made tonight! Some will remember tonight for the rest of their lives as “The most wonderful time of the year”! I know we will! Before our service ends, Mike has the team come forward, and we sing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” to the group. As we leave, we bask in the glow of His presence! Souls Saved! Mission accomplished!

Traveling home, we see houses and churches down in valleys sparkling in the dead of night, lit by the glow of Christmas lights, and the thought comes to mind, “Oh Little town of Bethlehem how still we see thee lie”. The star of Bethlehem shines brightly and leads our journey all the way, safely home. Blessings…Bill

Rev.Rosemary Blair
Chief Organizing Officer
Prison Christian Ministries Inc.
P O Box 3211 Fredericton B
Fredericton N B E3A 5G9
1-506-461-8456 OR 1-506-472-7022 fax 1-506-449-3292


Merry Christmas and Update Dec. 2016

Special Christmas Greetings to all.

Here is what Christmas is  all about……

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6 KJV

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter— when you see the naked, to clothe them, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? Isaiah 58:6-7 NIV

Let us help one another in any way we can this season and all year round. Big or small everyone can help someone, it brings glory to God and makes both the giver and receiver alike experience a feeling of joy and thanksgiving.

Psalm 100:4 says  `- Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.`

Amen! Brothers and Sisters. Let`s all Glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ……


We like most others have been very busy or active lately. There is so much to do and it seems not enough time. We need to stop and reflect on what and why we are doing what we are doing and ask if this is bringing Glory to God and helping each other.

Two more Overcomers groups are starting. One in Prince Albert Sask. and one in Aylmer, Ontario. Thank you Lord bless them and increase their ministry.

We are blessed with the ongoing Prison Ministry and the half way house. We are having our biggest grad yet next week at Beaver Creek with 1 in the minimum and 11 in the medium. We will be starting a new group in the medium January 9, 2017 God willing.

Dec. 1 we had a Leadership luncheon at Swiss Chalet with Dan from London, Christine from Cambridge, Kathy and Marietta from the two groups at New City Church in Brantford also Tom, Pastor Ray and  Don and I. It was wonderful to hear the stories of what God is doing. Kathy had stepped away and didn’t get in the picture. Thank you for all your help everyone in touching peoples lives.

dsc04467 dsc04468  dsc04466

Later in the afternoon Don and I got together a box of testimony books, Satisfy the Hunger books and candy canes and took them over to Brantford Jail and gave them to Chaplain Matthew. Thank you Lord.

dsc04472 dsc04471

We had our Overcomers Christmas pot Blessing dinner Thursday night at NCC Café.  Thank you Pastor Ray for letting us use the Café and for joining us. Everyone was so helpful. Every one joined in to set up, enjoyed each others company, ate, cleaned up and shared the leftovers and went their way. It was a joy. We had 7 gifts that we drew numbers out of a hat for. 5 were a Tim’s card and a discount coupon book, one was a turkey and cooler bag and the big one was a box of chocolates and a $50.00 gift card. The person that got the turkey didn’t have one and the person that got the chocolates and gift card was double blessed because it was her birthday. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

dsc04475    dsc04474    dsc04476

This is the design I put together and took to

Sobeys to have put on the cake. Everyone enjoyed it.




Tonight, December 16, we are having our fourth Movie night at the community room in the building we live.

Please pray for us with our van, we had to get new snow tires and the summer ones are finished we don’t have any. This week coming we have to get the tailgate fixed the rust is worn right through $600. – $800. to repair so the exhaust does not come in. The air condition died last summer and was not repaired. We need a van to do the ministry we do, so pray the Lord provide for us to keep it going or provide a new one. I trust Him so thank him with me.

Christmas Day we will once again be having Christmas Dinner at Kings Buffet at 3pm on Lynden Rd., for those alone at Christmas or anyone that wants to join with us. The cost for the group meal, a hot and cold drink, tips and gratuities is $29.00 each.  Call 519 805-9714 please if you are coming so we can reserve you a seat. If you would like to sponsor someone who can not afford to pay please let us know.

 Our God is an Awesome God and we rejoice in the privilege of being used of God in spite or our infirmities.

In the new year hopefully after we return from our mission trip to Jamaica, I will be going in for angioplasty, hopefully that will be successful as the doctor said that this is a start and if that doesn’t work it will be a bypass. BUT GOD!!! And like I keep telling all these Doctors, “I am not out of here until God is finished with me”

So onward Christian Soldier by the grace of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Rom 4:20

Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God,




Zechariah Update Oct.2016 & Letter of Endorsement

Greetings Precious Friends and Family.
I pray you are all well in the Lord and watching the signs of the times.
When you listen to the news or read the paper I believe we can apply the scripture
Luke 21:28 NIV
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
I pray everyday “Lord open our eyes and ears to see and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to us the body of Christ and to obey and apply it in our lives.”
Thank you Lord that your Grace and Mercy that is new every morning and Great is your Faithfulness.
WOW! A lot has happened since our last update Including Miracles.

A Miracle door opened on Wed. September 7, I got a call from the Executive Director at the Salvation Army Half Way House in Brantford. I had left a message for her to call me. Praise the Lord she called and I got to tell her about Overcomers and she asked if I had any information. I said I was 10 minutes away and I had some flyers with me so she invited us to come over. Don and I had a half hour or so meeting with her and a social worker. She liked the program but said she had to present it to someone else. So I said OK and I prayed then Don and I left. Friday I got a call from one of the other social workers and she said it was approved and when could we start, I said Tuesday. I didn’t want to waste any time. Yea God! Now it would be in the Beaver Creek Medium Federal Institution and the Minimum and now in a half way house giving men some support to reintegrate back into society. We have another graduation coming up at Beaver Creek in November. We just had one last month were four more graduateds

September 10, Don, Tom and I went to Kitchener were Fountain of Hope Ministries and Healing Centre were have having a community BBQ outreach. Cal Maskery who runs Harvest House Ministries down East was there sharing his testimony. Cal started Overcomers this past summer when we were in Moncton. He told Helen  at Fountain of Hope about Overcomers and they are hoping to start a group.



Tuesday we were to start at Salvation Army 7pm so we would be there at 6.30 to set up, at 2.45pm I got a nose bleed that went on for 40 minutes. I said oh no you don’t devil you are not going to stop us starting this group. I prayed Father in the name of Jesus please stop this nose bleed so we can start the group, if I have to go see about it after I will and it stopped.

We went and started the group there was 5 of us two guys, Don and I and Cathy who facilitates the Thursday evening group at New City Church. It was wonderful. When we were leaving Don asked if I wanted to go to the hospital or go home, I said I don’t have a nose bleed and I feel fine so let’s go home. He said lets go get gas first so we did, he went in to pay for the gas and when he came out I had a nose bleed again so I said we are right next to the hospital so let us go and check it out. To make a long story short I got processed and they took me to a bed and took my blood pressure and it was 249/119. They wrote Hypertension Crisis and I spent from them until Saturday in the hospital. They were going to release me Friday, they had all the paperwork done but took my blood pressure and it was 208/99 and they said you are not going anywhere. Saturday I called a friend who had prayed his wife back to life after she had been dead 12 hours and he said I am coming to pray for you, and you will be out of there today. I told my room mate about him and said he is coming to pray for me now and I will be out of her today. He came in at 11 and I was out by 3pm YEA GOD!  I got out Saturday and Sunday we went to Barrie and then Monday to the Prisons in Gravenhurst, we got home about midnight. Tuesday we went to the Salvation Army again for our newest group. Friday we went to Minden to Gerry and Hilde’s, we visited some people from Haliburton and went to the church we attended in Haliburton ( Lakeside Baptist) and stayed with Gerry & Hilde until Monday. I had to go to the hospital there Saturday as I had a swollen mouth and had to get antibiotics, I went to the dentist office but this precious dentist was not in until Monday and by the grace of God he fit me in and I got my broken tooth fixed. Thank you to this miracle working dentist. You know who you are! You are a gift from God, bless you and thank you again.

We went Monday to the Prison, then Tuesday back to the Salvation Army, doctor on Wednesday & September 29, we were off to Montreal to the CAOG conference were we were graciously given a table for Overcomers. The conference was from Friday to Sunday. I was presented a Certificate of Recognition of Ministry.  We drove down Thursday and came back Monday and did our same groups. dsc04437

Oct. 12 we got a letter of Endorsement from Beaver Creek Institution.

beaver-creek-letter-of-endorsement       On the Oct. 15 we went to John and Pauline’s who are the other couple (coming to Jamaica with us) and Val who is also coming, met with us there and we discussed the mission. We all went to John and Pauline’s church Sunday. See group picture below.


Our God is an Awesome God. People ask how we do it, how we keep going and I just quote

                                         NEHEMIAH 8 v 10 B

                                             THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH.


God bless you all and thank you for any prayers or support.

May you be blessed in all that you do.

See you here, there or in the air.

Judith McKay

September 4, 2016, update & Upcoming Mission Trip & PRAYER REQUEST.

Greetings  Friends in Jesus Precious Name.

We pray you are all well in the Lord and growing daily. We are praising the Lord for all that has been going on. Thank you Father for the work of the Holy Spirit in so many lives.



We as children of the King are messengers sent to do the will of our Father just like Jesus did with the help of the Holy Spirit if we are listening. 




 The Overcomers groups in New Brunswick are going well and lives are being changed because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have had 17 graduates from The Beaver Creek  Institutions in Gravenhurst, Ontario, 12 men from the Medium and 5 from the Minimum.

Yesterday the 3 groups in Brantford joined together for a graduation at Yong Great Wall Buffet Chinese Restaurant. There were 32 people in attendance. 13 people were to receive Certificates. Eleven people graduated and Tom Murphy Became a Program Director and Marietta MacDonald became a Certified Instructor. This is wonderful how the Lord is blessing lives.







Some of you may remember about five years ago I was handing out booklets called “Satisfy the Hunger” I know Pastor Brian would remember as I believe he may still have a few. Any way this is a wonderful little booklet about who Jesus is, who he hung around with, etc. It talks about a personal relationship it points you to Him not a religion or a denomination. It shows how He was rejected and persecuted and hurt by others it shows He can relate to how  many of us have suffered too. It also shows how to recognize wolves in Shepherds clothing. It tells a story of how the author of the book and movie Ben Hur was an Atheist and became a Christian trying to disprove Christianity.

Satisfy the Hunger 001

Last month I was going to visit this friend who claimed to be an atheist. Here is a short testimony, when I was in the hospital for 46 days  I ministered to this atheist who was visiting her mother. She was looking for a nursing home to get her mother and her sister into and I asked if I could pray with her and she said I am an Atheist I don’t believe. I said it doesn’t matter if you believe or not, God believes in you or I wouldn’t be here because He sent me and He doesn’t waste my time, I asked again if I could pray for her. My husband and I had to moved due to my medical problems, and I had prayed about her mother getting into a nursing home and about my husband and I getting an apartment down the street so we could visit her and  God answered both prayers Her mom and her sister got into the nursing home  and we got the apartment.

When I got out I went to visit her were she was selling her mother’s house. As I was leaving my apartment the Lord laid it on my heart to bring the booklet with me. She came out to the car to meet me and I said to her have you ever seen the story of Ben Hur. She replied that is one of my favorite stories so I gave her the booklet turned to the page about General Lewis who wrote Ben Hur and left it with her.

She sent me this text and it said “Congrats. So happy for you. You and Don are helping God to make a believer out of one who had been impossible to reach in the past.” I was so thankful and praising the Lord that He could show His love to her.

When I left I said Lord I need more of these books so I called the company were I got them before and they said they had not had the rights for a long time. I called another name in the book and they did not know what I was talking about. Then I noticed a printers name so I Googled it and got a number for them in Germany. I prayed Lord it is only a phone call to Germany so I call them. When I got to someone who spoke English I explained I wanted a 1000 books or permission to print them. He said he hadn’t had the rights since 2007 but he would put me in touch with the author.

To make a long story short the author got in touch with me and I told him what I just told you and he wrote back giving me permission to copy them. I told him I would not sell them. If anyone would like to contribute to the cost of the printing that would be fine. I ordered 1000 then the day after I ordered them I found out that on August 19 the remake of the movie Ben Hur would be showing everywhere in theaters. What wonderful timing the Lord has. All for His glory. Lives are being touched by these books. God is making Himself real to people and He is quite able to direct them to were He wants them to fellowship and that will bring the most glory to Him. I just love watching what God is doing.

PRAYER REQUEST -I had to go for some test because I had a heart attack in January, a CT of the heart was done Aug. 11 and I got the results on Aug. 22 it revealed that three of my main heart arteries are blocked so this Wednesday at 7am I go for an angiogram/angioplasty. If this can be repaired with stints I will be out the next morning. Otherwise I would have to have bypass surgery. Please pray for the Lord’s perfect will to be done. Thank you

UPCOMING MISSION TRIP God Willing  Five maybe six of us are going to Jamaica Feb. 13-22 Prison Ministry and Overcomers. Trip of FAITH led of the HOLY SPIRIT. It came together so fast. Pauline, her and her husband John do some music for us sometime at the prisons for graduation like they did last Monday. Anyway we were talking on the phone and she asked when we were going to Jamaica again I said Pauline only God knows for sure and that was it.

The next day when Don and I were doing devotions as I was reading and half way through a sentence out of my mouth came “sure Lord John and Pauline could come to Jamaica with us and do Prison Ministry” I said out loud what was that all about. I immediately called Pauline and told her and said I think you better pray about this that was not me. I added I better get in touch with Pastor Mark in Jamaica and see if it is even feasible again to make a long story short he said yes and our tickets were booked the next day and a deposit put on our accommodations. I shared this story with Val Jarvis a friend from Haliburton and said do you want to come as she has been on the mission field before and she said she would pray about it. She called me the other day and said when I asked her she thought I was joking but she said the Lord is telling her to go. So her air and accommodations are booked. We don’t know what God has planned but we know He has a plan. We have an idea  but His ways are higher than ours and His thoughts higher than ours. We are flexible in His hands and will change our plans to meet His any day for His glory. HIS WILL BE DONE, AMEN

In Christ

See you here, there or in the air. Be blessed my friends.

Love Judith McKay,                                                                                                                                                                         Servant of the Most High God.