Mission N.B. June 2016

July 12, 2016

Greetings Friends in Jesus Precious Name
We pray you are all well and praising the Lord, remember “the Joy of the Lord is your strength” Nehemiah 8:10. NIV
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths:
Proverbs 3:5,6 NKJV

I have learned this over the years, the sooner I can say in any situation “Thank you Lord for the opportunity to trust you” the sooner I get the peace of God even if it looks like nothing has changed on the outside. (I challenge you – Try it yourself, if you don’t believe me believe the results)

We got moved to our new apartment April 29 and on April 30 we went to meet Cal Maskery of Harvest House Atlantic , in London at the Ark Aid Street Mission were he was speaking. We went to talk to him about Overcomers and let him know we were going to New Brunswick and could we come and present it to him. He agreed.

We left for New Brunswick on a mission June 7 – 22 even though I can not walk unaided. We brought my cane, walker and scooter. It was an active trip.

A picture is worth a thousand words see them below with words.

I do have one story no two, I would like to share. Olive loaned us her van and Saturday night June 11 the night before we were to go to Moncton we stayed at her place. When Don went out to load up the van in the morning first of all it was raining on top of that the van had a flat tire, he came in and told me. Olive said what are you going to do. I said “I AM GOING TO TRUST THE LORD” I started singing “I GOT THE JOY, JOY, JOY DOWN IN MY HEART, DOWN IN MY HEART” and I said and I do too. She said I can see that.  She said Canadian Tire in Oromocto  is open at noon maybe you can get a new tire, she lives in Lakeville Corner. I went and did some book work with total peace and she did some laundry for us. Thank you Olive you are such a blessing. When her husband got up he put some air in the tire and gave us a spare tire that was not on a rim but said it was OK. They loaded the van in the rain and we headed for Oromocto. It took us better than half an hour because we could not find Canadian Tire and when we did the store was opened but no one in on Sunday to change a tire. We bought a can of that stuff that you can put in a flat for a short distance but we didn’t use it then. Don said what do you want to do. I said put some air in that tire we are going to Moncton. We had a quick lunch and in FAITH headed of for Moncton as we were to be at Harvest House for their 19 Anniversary at 5pm and we were to meet Chaplain Eden first. I called Eden and explained what was happening, he said we could meet for coffee when we arrived. We didn’t arrived in Moncton until about 4.30 because of the weather so he said he would meet us at our hotel. I called Olive and told her we were in Moncton, she said oh good you got the tire fixed. I said NO, she said you drove all the way to Moncton on a tire full of holes, I said YES I HAD FAITH, the reason it was full of holes is because they bought some crushed shale for the driveway and it was sharp and it put a bunch of little holes in the tire. She just laughed. I told her we would get it fixed tomorrow.   We check in to the hotel and  Eden & Carolyn told us they would direct us to Harvest House so we followed them and they went home. PRAISE THE LORD, I THANKED HIM ONCE AGAIN FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO TRUST HIM.

I would love to share more stories but most people would rather see pictures.

We were in Moncton Sunday night at Harvest House for their 19 Anniversary

Monday morning until after lunch for the Overcomers Leadership Training in Shediac at Naomi & Ruth’s, back to Moncton Monday night with Eden at Firewatch Ministries.

Tuesday morning back to Shediac till after lunch  then back to Moncton for dinner with Eden & Carolyn

Wednesday morning back to Shediac until late afternoon and finish the LTS, Francine prepared lunch for the three days for Her, and Norm her husband, Eden and Ben and Don and I.  Thank you Francine for all your loving kindness Dear One. After we finished eating I looked at Ben who is an ex inmate who had done 27 years and asked him if he would pray from an inmates point of view from the inside for Overcomers to get in Dorchester and all the prisons across Canada, he replied he never prayed before. I put my hand on his arm and said don’t worry the Holy Spirit will give you the words to say so he started to pray. Oh you should have been there, the Holy Spirit was and after he finished some of us were in tears. I put my hand on his arm again and thanked him and said it is going to happen, I don’t know how but it will because whatever is asked of the Father with two or more agreeing without doubting in Jesus Name it shall be done and just by your prayer I know it is done.

After lunch we all went  back to Moncton and Don and I headed off to Harvest House and join with them for diner with the people that come to Harvest House for diner and  to start the Overcomers LTS there. We were going to do it Wednesday and Thursday because we were suppose to be in St Stephen Friday for lunch but we needed to go back Friday morning to finish the LTS there, so we went to St. Stephen to meet with Michael and Cathy from Calais, Main for supper then met with Bruce and Karen after supper. Saturday day of rest at Bruce and Karen’s trailer at their camp ground.

Sunday off to St. Croix Church. Pastor Jody called me at 10pm Saturday night and asked me if I want to share for about 15 minutes in the morning. what an honor that was especially being Father’s day.

Monday we went back to Fredericton and met with Brent and went over Overcomers and asked what the chance was to get it into Dorchester and he said pretty good as they were just finishing a course. He said he would check. He called me after we got home and said it is a go. It is starting next month.

There is more but your safe for now, I am done for now and believe me it takes a lot to stop because the stories about what our Lord is doing is burning inside of me to tell, but I am also learning they can only take so much at a time.

PS God provided for our seconded printing of Overcomers from a Dear One who passed away in the States and her son who I volunteered under when he lived in Canada and his sister put in a word with he church and they donated the funds. Thank you to the Church and the family over five hundred lives will be blessed because of your obedience and kindness. To God be the Glory.



Judith McKay


3 thoughts on “Mission N.B. June 2016

  1. Hello Judy,
    I’m so happy to hear of what you and Don are doing with Zechariah 4:6! You are an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you. I miss being involved in ministry with you, but I still am with you in Spirit. I pray for the ministry and think of you Daily when I read My Utmost that you gave me.
    I have been busy with my ministry of horses and young people at Heaven’s Gait. Also, with Cameron Community Church. We are starting a Youth Group. Another family and I discussed this and Sunday were not surprised (But Oh So Thsnkful, Praise God) to meet guest speakers from YWAM – Youth With A Mission. They are an international organization and prayed with us for Cameron and our new project with youth. As you (and Jesus) said, Where two or more are in agreement and Pray, Believing – It Will Happen !
    Thank you for the update and pictures.
    Love, Angel
    Ps. Pastor Ralph is now ordained through Preach The Word. Praise God!
    Pps I accept your challenge and will not hesitate to say “Thank you for the opportunity to trust you, Lord” next time I face any adversity.
    I Love you Judy.

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