May 23, 2016


My son Eddie giving Pastor Nathalie a ride.


My Son Eddie on His bike

My Son Eddie on His bike

I.A.M.B.Kk giving gifs for the Philippians

I.A.M.B.K giving gifs for the Philippians






Hi Friends

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We have moved to our new location we are now at:
#306-575 Park Rd. N. Brantford, On. Canada N3R 0A7
phone # 1 (519) 805-9714.
We moved in with the help of my two sons (PRAISE GOD) and some of my youngest son’s motorcycle friends who call themselves I.A.M.B.K . I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER. They just finished doing a fund raiser to send clothing, craft supplies and toys to a missionary in the Philippines of the church we attend New City Church in Brantford, Ontario And a special thanks to Bell Cartage for the the truck. God bless them all in Jesus name.

They then moved Don and I and my son Tom came over and helped to unpack some things and move things around for us. It has been a difficult time but the Lord has been with us and proof was when a cross appeared on our wall and my son Tom saw it. It was not a reflection of anything we all checked inside and looked outside to see if it was a hydro poll or something. IT WAS THE LORD. Thank you Jesus. I took a picture of it and it has not been there again. He was confirming His presence with us.


Cross appears on the wall of     our new place.

Judy on scooter April 30 2016

I got permission to bring my scooter into the prison so I could go back in, I started going back in On April 18. It was my first long trip since getting out of the hospital March 11.

The first week Don and I stayed at a hotel the day before and the day of the prison we alternate with Tom and Charlie. The other times we have gone we drive up the day before and got to the prison from 2 – 730 or 8 pm then drive home. We were tired last time but PRAISE THE LORD for the privilege of being able to go in. There has been 23 Overcomers from the  2 prisons complete the program since April 18 including 4 on May 30. And we have had 22 new guys start.

Pray for us especially Don, he has an infection in his ankle that has been fused. He has to see a surgeon. We have seen three before over the years that have said if they had to go in and clean up any infection they would have to amputate but we are trusting God to keep us going. I was told I am a candidate for another heart attack and have to go for an angiogram but we are trusting God to keep us going. God didn’t save me from the last episode for nothing and we are not out of here until we have completed the work God has for us. We will glorify His name.

Pastor Ray, Tom, Don and I went to Goshen this new ministry by the Lion’s Safari, Goshen Renewal Ministries exists to bring hope, healing, renewal and transformation to men who suffer from spiritual, psychological, and/or emotional pain by learning the love and joy of Jesus Christ in a peaceful rural environment through Christian discipleship, professional counseling, practical life skills, and connecting to the community. There we met two other ministries ,   Corrine and Marion from Helping Hands Street Mission in Hamilton, and Christine from Urban Hope Street Mission in Cambridge

Christine started an Overcomers group 3 weeks ago and has 10 people and wants to start another group.The group is on Tuesdays.  Praise God.  services available Tue 9am-1pm (lunch 11:30am), Sun 11:30am-1pm, Provides emergency food hampers * provides free clothing and household items to those in need * serves lunch Tuesdays and Sundays * free haircuts * provides toys to parents in need on children’s birthdays * laundry and shower services.

Christine Lakatos, Urban Hope Volunteer Coordinator

Office Tue-Thu 10am-4pm.  519-623-4639
147 Elgin St N
Cambridge, ON N1R 5H6

Possibly one Overcomers group is going to start in Orillia, Don and I will meet with this couple Sunday and they will be observing our group at the prison on Monday.

The funny thing about this is some of the inmates were asking if there waS a group in Orillia as they were being release to a halfway house in Orillia so we prayed about it. Let us see what the Lord has planned. YEA GOD!

Finally God willing we will be going to New Brunswick June 7 – 22 and helping 3 groups with Overcomers in Moncton, a Community Chaplain, A men’s residential rehab and a women’s residential rehab.

Well that is about it for now God bless all of you.

See you here, there or in the air.

Don & Judith Mckay




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