We are home and praise report

March 5, 2014

Hi Friends

God bless you and thank you so much for your prayers. We are home safely.

We had God’s favor on the way home. First we left the apartment in Jamaica at 1:30 then hung around Pastor Maxo’s in Mammee Bay until about twenty to four as our flight wasn’t to leave until 8.15pm. We left pastors at 3.40 for the airport and about 15 minutes down the road Don asked where our lunch cooler bags were, we discovered  they had been left at the apartment. I called back to where we were staying and after three calls we made arrangements to go back and get them.  I started thanking God for the opportunity to trust Him, I said thank you Lord that you have a plan, thank you Lord I didn’t get upset, thank you Lord will redeem the time because we have to drive back to the apartment which adds another hour to our travel, thank you Lord maybe you are saving us from an accident, thank you Lord, now we don’t have to sit at the airport for so long until our flight leaves. Thank you Lord we will still get good seats.  Well we arrived in time and our seats we already assigned and I did get a window seat. Praise the Lord. We checked in our luggage and road our mobility scooters up to the gate.

About 20 minutes before loading we heard our names called over the loud speaker ” Mr. and Mrs McKay would you please come to the check in counter. ” We both looked at each other and went to the counter. When we got there the man said to us we just want to thank you for being loyal customers and tell you we are upgrading your flight today. So they gave us new boarding passes and we were the first ones on the plane and got a meal, beverage, snacks lots of extra leg room etc. WOW!!! I felt really special. and I only asked Daddy for a window seat. God has been dealing with us about grumbling and complaining, then the incident about leaving our lunch bags behind, (medical cooler bags, that we can’t replace) instead of complaining I praised God for every good thing I could see in this and I believe that is why we were blessed with the upgrade. The enemy tried to steal from us but God turned it around for our good. Amen! I praise and thank God for the lesson. He turned what could have been our anguish into joy.

Then when we got off the plane our scooters were brought right to the door of the plane and we usually have to get them were we collect our luggage.  Again thank you Lord.

By the time we got our van it was 2 am and arrived at a friends by 2.30 am bless them for receiving us in the middle of the night.


going up the 400 behind snowplows


finally, the snow ploughs pulled off

We drove home the next day, see pictures below. It was snowing and for the first two hours we were behind snow plows and we were driving at 35 – 40 km per hour less than half the speed limit. This is the same highway were there was a 96 car accident a couple of days before. Thank you Lord.

We got home after dark but we arrive safely. All in All it was a wonderful trip and our Lord taught us a lot of good lessons through it all. Thank you Lord.

To our friends in Jamaica, it’s freezing here and NO I’m not complaining.

We love you and miss you. To the rest of our friends, this is Canada EH!!!!.

God bless you all and thank you for just being you.

Thanks to everyone who was part of the team, it was a blessing. Glory to God.

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